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                           On July 24, 2004, Ronnie Collins, WHS '64,  hosted the fourth all-WHS cookout at his home in Premier, WV.  Visiting with old WHS friends (and meeting new ones) always seems to turn into a special event and this picnic was no exception.  Posted here are pictures of a few of those who were able to join person and in spirit!

Lots of photos here, so the pages may take a long time to load on your screen.
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The weather was good to us this year as you can tell from the bright light reflected on the "sunny" faces of Karol Radochio (class of '65) and Diane Decker Salsbery (class of '67).

Karol & Diane

Tammy Collins Scott (class of '78) and Norma Jacovitch McKinney (class of  '65) seeking a bit of shade on Ronnie's front porch.

Tammy & Norma

  Sometime between last summer and the day of this picnic, Ronnie had this wonderful cover installed on his driveway.  It's big enough to provide shelter from the sun OR the rain for a large group of people.


Joining us at the picnic this year were Jewell, Judy and Beverly Mitchem, close childhood friends of Ronnie, Connie, and Donnie Collins.  Jewell and Judy now live in Michigan; Beverly lives in Roanoke, Virginia.  Jewell and Judy attended Welch Grade School in the mid-50s with the WHS classes of 1960 and 1963. 

Jewell  Judy  Bev

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