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June 28, 1997

Front row, left to right: Celia Gonzalez Conard, Joyce Pascone Cappellari, Rosemary Poe Brown, Dorothy Chapman Sullivan, Carrie Stitt Shirley, Anne Jackson Hawthorne, Nancy Earle Sturgis, Bonnie Class Farthing, Norma Richardson Brower, Anne Burgner Morgan, Marie Burgner Dean, John Cloyd, Floyd England, Jr.  Back row, left to right: Jimmy Hawthorne, John Large, Kermit Justice, Jerry Kender, Don Bowlick, Carlisle Day, Jerald Johnston, Rodney Sayers, Bill Horne, Sam Muscatello, Beedeah Hassan, Roert Joyce, Pat Keith, Richard Farthing, Barry Shrout, Lee Myers, and James Turpin

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