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Class of 1958

Front Row, L-R:  Judy Michael Sherlock, Marianna Cline Godfrey, Alice Cline Musso, Thelma Green Chaos, Beuna Spinella Parziale, Wilma Marshall Farris, Betty Campbell Klosterman, Cathy Luther Steorts, June Tucker, & Jean Harman Watson.  Second Row:  Bill Bolen, Pat Friel Johnson, Helen Lawrence Eddins, Ina McDonald, Bill Barker, Gerald Daugherty, Jerry Ferguson, Rochelle Johns Payne, & Sam Funkhouser.  Third Row:  Kenny Rose, Don Smith, Larry Mahaffey, Tom Spangler, Herbert Swetnam, A.W. Dalton, Charles Warner, & John Spencer.


Class of 1959

Front Row, L-R:  Wanda Colvard Horton, Carolyn Sharousky Donchatz, Mary Jane Mays Kestner, Rita Maberry, Sandra Reeves Clauss, Phyllis Grills Maynes, Emelia Gonzalez White, Angelina Lucion Hall, & Anna Colobro Mercanti.  Second Row:  Ron Dillon, Sam Campbell, Ronnie Daugherty, Patty St. Clair, Charlotte Smith Massey, Shirley Woodyard Pierce, Mary Virginia Grego Muncy Lyons, Carl Pennington & Bernard Swope.


Class of 1960

Front Row, L-R:  Jeanne Hubbard Martin, Kitty Wilson Daugherty, Phyllis Hyder Isaacs, Jean Daugherty Israel, Linda Stroupe Montgomery, Joanna Bignotti Brooks, Wanda Bignotti Simons, Libby Cloer Adkins, Lilly Slusher Lee, & Linda Lester Dryden.  Second Row:  Elsie Belcher Mitchem, Gloria Marshall Saatman, George Pennington, Vicki Bivens, Carol Eggers Barrett, Nancy Marshall Fairbanks, Carol Swetnam Cassady, Jerry Smith & Frank Murray.  Third Row:  Bobby Dotson (Northfork HS), Janet Spencer Hardison, Chandler Swope, Jim Martin, George Friel, & Tom Joyce.

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Thanks to Pat Friel Johnson for sharing these photographs

Photos by Spencer Photography, John Spencer, WHS Class of 1958.
Click here to order copies of photos by email

or contact:
John Spencer at:
 2853 Envoy Drive            phone 540-562-000
Roanoke Va 24019

Please contact Donnie Skuja with any necessary name corrections

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