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The program we recommend using to view the yearbooks on CD is called IrfanView.  It  is free to individuals, simple to use, very small (639KB) and, effective 10/2001, will be included on  each CD with instructions for its use if you opt to try  it.  Our compliments and special thanks to Irfan Skiljan, who created and provides free-of-charge this graphics viewing program.  Irfan has, additionally and very graciously, given us permission to include  execution of this program on each WHS yearbook CD or it can be downloaded from his web site.

DOWNLOAD: If you have a yearbook CD issued prior to 10/2001, or prefer to download the program directly from the Internet, click HERE and  select the English version.  On the page that follows, click on Download and on the resulting page select to download  the English self extracting  Version 3.51 (or the latest version listed).  We recommend you save the download to your hard drive so you will have a copy for any future use.  It will be saved as iview351.exe, an  executable file.  You can save the file to a folder routinely used to store this type of download---anyplace is OK so long as you know where to  find it.

INSTALL:  After download is finished, go to where you saved the iview351.exe file and double click it.  The resulting dialog box will prompt you for shortcut selection.  Both selections should checked if you plan on using this viewer  often.  Leave Destination folder with default and then click on Next.  Select Next in the two following dialog boxes without  selecting any of the boxes in the second box.  Click Next in the two following boxes and then click Done.

Please feel free to contact Bob Martin if you have any questions about using this program or about viewing the CDs.

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