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Missing  Classmates
Welch High School Classes of 1953-1955


Please note that we are in dire need of help locating the '54 WHS classmates.  As many of you know, John Hurt had for many years been the sole source for maintaining the address information for the class of '54.  Due to John Hurt's recent death, John Thomas has agreed to try to pull together the address information for this class.  However, he NEEDS your help NOW.  If you have address information (regular and/or email) on any of the former WHS students from the class of '54, please contact John Thomas at as soon as possible.  Please do not assume that because you have the information or because it is posted somewhere on the WHS Alumni Web Site that John has it.  He is basically beginning this search with a "blank page."
Over the next few months we will attempt to confirm contact information for all of the  '53, '54 & '55 classmates and post on this page the names of those we have been unable to locate.
(signed) Lost In The Fifties Reunion Committee


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