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Second & Third Grade Classes at
Premier Grade School
(some of these students later graduated from WHS in 1956 and 1957)

Top row L-R:  Mrs. Litford, Ray Anderson, Phyllis Romans, Gene Neiriman, Texas Lyous, Paul Delony, Sally Farmer, Bill Workman, Donnie Mays.  Row 2:  Cliford Reeses, Wanda Blackburn, Ronnie Richardson, Ullando Savoca, Maxine Belcher, Archie Verdiglione.  Row 3:  Janice Yates, Buddy Neiriman, Betty Abbot, Sheilia Dixon, Andy Tolnay, Clara Jones.  Row 4:  Jimmy Grimes, Norma Jean ?, Jack Wooten, Betty Macfann, Harold Deskins, Mary Jean Bounce, Oda Stout, Carla Jo Orbien, 
Herbert L. Dixon.  Row 5:  Jimmy Derosit, Wilma Jones, Richard Coffee, John Mabry, Hazel Underwood, and Bobby Belcher.

Many thanks to Archie Verdiglione for this photo and identifying the folks in it; and
thanks to Jess Stout   for scanning and sending it to us.


1956 Senior Class
1957 Senior Class
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